Leave your company in good hands

We are seeking to acquire and operate a single, high-quality company and continue your legacy of success.  Deer Point Partners is led by Managing Director Tim Buehn who is grateful to be supported by an array of experienced  entrepreneurs, CEOs, and operators.


About Us

"Team work is at the root of everything we do."

My name is Tim Buehn and I'm the founder and Managing Director of Deer Point Partners.  My time in the military taught me building a great team is critical to success.  Deer Point has assembled a group of seasoned and well-resourced entrepreneurs, CEOs, and operators that bring vast experience to the Small-Medium Business world.  With expertise in an array of industries and growth strategies, you can rest assured that your company’s legacy is in trustworthy and capable hands.   

I hope that my goal to operate a business, and your goal to develop a succession plan will result in a partnership and transaction that is attractive and mutually beneficial.  This is not a "one of many" event for me.   This is my sole focus and I will be on-site managing the day-to-day operations to safeguard and grow what you've built.