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The Team

I have always had a passion for leading teams and a fascination with technology.  I was fortunate to have the opportunity to experience both during my time flying fighters for the Navy but felt I could have greater impact through the continuity offered in the private sector.  I am extremely excited to bring my operations and leadership experience to the business world.  After 10 years operating in both combat and experimental environments, I have most recently completed my MBA at Harvard and worked in management consulting and technology driven start ups.  I now look forward to applying lessons from the public and private sector to my next challenge.   I have been married to my wife Anna for nine years and we have three young daughters.  I'm lucky to have their support and we are excited to put down roots in a new community.  ​

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Our Team

Deer Point is fortunate to have the support of a highly capable and experienced group that brings expertise and broad industry knowledge across multiple fields.

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