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Kent Weaver

Kent is currently Chairman and CEO of Progressive Home Care, a Northern California-based healthcare company as well as the founder, CEO and Managing Member of Granite Point. Kent has invested in over 75 middle-market companies as an individual investor and through Granite Point. Previously, Kent held executive positions in marketing and product management for a VC-backed marketing automation startup, as a regional CFO and business analyst in Pepsico’s Pizza Hut Division, and as a management consultant at Ernst & Young.

Kent is also a board member at VRI (remote patient monitoring), Discover Outsourcing (HR outsourcing), Fieldedge (field technician software), mTab (database tool), Integra (health provider network), and CALO (teen mental health), among many investments.

Kent received his MBA at the University of California, Los Angeles and BS in finance from the University of Southern California.

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